Blackberry Removal
Site Preparation
Tiling & Rock Raking
Private Road Maint.
Debris Chipping


Pasture Restoration

Arena Restoration




Tall Grass and Brushcutting:

Clearing land safely and efficiently

LandTek specializes in complete vegetation management. We have heavy duty tree and brush mulching machines for environmentally friendly land clearing with minimal soil disturbance. Let us enhance the appearance of your property, creating a park like setting. Our method of mulching the material to ground level reduces debris that other contractors must pile or haul away. We use specialized low ground pressure equipment to limit soil compaction and damage to surrounding areas. This viable method creates an economical and aesthetically pleasing way of maintaining your property.

Blackberry Removal NO stumps, NO burning, NO hauling, NO soil disturbance, and Mulch to hold the soil.

We are licensed by the Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA) as a commercial applicator for the handling and application of herbicide. We observe at all times the industries best methods and safety precautions.

We do steeps slopes, roadsides, ditches and large & small acreage.

  • Blackberry and Scotch Broom Removal
  • Noxious and Toxic weed control
  • Maintenance Programs

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